About Us

The journey from Farm to Fork began in 1996 when I was able to get my first job off my family’s dairy farm as a dishwasher at Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport. Working for Dave and Eileen Gibson it was there I found a passion in hospitality and learned so much about food and service. Over the next 10 years I worked at Old Erie throughout high school and college. When the owners decided it was time to sell the Old Erie I hoped to purchase the business, the bank thought otherwise.

It was then I decided it was time to move on and explore the hotel side of the business and for the next 16 years. I had a great run in the hotel business working in sales and operations which gave me the opportunity to live in Arizona, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and California. After years of chasing the next promotion, I knew it was time to settle down and then a pandemic came and put a lot into perspective. It was then I decided I had to fulfil that dream I had in my 20s of having my own restaurant.

They say there’s no place like home and when deciding to make it happen, it had to be in the Weedsport area. Potters Farm to Fork opened in October 2021 after renovating the old Brenda’s Diner. Those first few months were pretty crazy going from a desk job to cooking full time. With the support of family we soon found our stride. I am proud of the team we’ve built and hope our guests feel that familial vibe when they dine with us.

Nearly a year into this adventure I love the loyalty of our guests, the renewed connections from living away and meeting all the new folks that come check us out. I love that our restaurant is large enough for families to come together to celebrate important occasions. Giving back to the community through Thankful Thursdays, Our Warrior vs. Panther Potatoes and the Fire House Frettas are a small way of giving thanks!

Brian M. Potter


Our team is excited to present our passion for good food and great service to the community and give back along the way.